The Donut Stop Inc.

Donuts Since 1953


Founded in 1953, The Donut Stop has been serving St. Louis families for more than 60 years!! 

Stop by one of our two locations today to discover why this hidden gem in St. Louis keeps customers coming back for more.


South County Location

1101 Lemay Ferry Road

St. Louis, MO  63125

(314) 631-3333

St. Charles Location

3120 W. Clay Street

St. Charles, MO  63301

(636) 724-5213

Serving St. Louis families since 1953.


Over 103 Varieties of Donuts


Cake Donuts


Cake Donuts are a slightly dense donut made from a Cake Mix.  Cake donuts are available in Vanilla or Devil's Food mix and can be glazed or iced.  This popular donut is available in over 103 possible varieties at The Donut Stop.


Yeast Donuts


Yeast-raised donuts are light and fluffy, made with the finest ingredients and from a recipe that countless customers say hasn't changed since they were children.  Yeast donuts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and come with a variety of toppings and fillings.


Other Donuts


We offer over 103 varieties of donuts.  Those that we can't quite classify include Cinnamon Globs, Cinnamon Rolls, Fritters and Creme Horns.


Fried Pies


Our fried pies keep our customers coming back for more.  Imagine a traditional pie crust, generously filled with your favorite filling, fried and glazed!!


Birthday Donuts


The Donut Stop is proud to introduce our Birthday Donuts.  Donuts are available in your desired "Birthday Number" and can be iced or glazed, topped or filled with your Birthday girl or boy's favorite donut flavors.

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